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THE CHOCOLATIER’S WIFE: Illustrated edition

For the fans of chocolate, mystery, fantasy, romance, and Cindy Lynn Speer’s delicious writing, we are about to release a collectible illustrated hardcover, containing her bestselling “The Chocolatier’s Wife”, along with the full text of “The Chocolatier’s Journal”.

Each chapter contains an illustration selected by the author herself to bring out the essence of her work. Learn how Tasmin met her sprites, and what William was like as a fearless sea captain in this enchanting anniversary edition.

This book is now available for pre-order and will be released on April 28:

And, for more exciting news, William and Tasmin’s adventures are about to continue in a sequel, in preparation for a release in summer 2017! Follow our blog for more information.


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Our books now available as EPUB, plus freebies and giveaways!

After almost a year in Amazon’s KDP Select program, Dragonwell Publishing titles are now expanding to other on-line retailers, including Barnes&Noble.com, as well as a number of other bookstores. We are also planning to add them to iBookstore very soon.

Visit one of the on-line retailers, or download a copy in our bookstore by visiting http://publishing.dragonwell.org to see the newly posted Epub versions of Cindy Lynn Speer’s THE CHOCOLATIER’S WIFE, and Anna Kashina’s THE PRINCESS OF DHAGABAD, or visit online retailers for any of the following titles:

9780983832003-Perfect:Layout 1.qxdCW-Cover-PromoAdobe Photoshop PDFMicrosoft Word - The Chocolatier's Journal-ebook.doc

Want to see more of our titles in different venues? Leave us a comment with a link, and we’ll follow it through.

And yes, one more thing: as one of our April specials, we will be giving away free e-copies of Cindy Lynn Speer’s THE CHOCOLATIER’S JOURNAL to every 20 respondents each day. To participate, leave comments to any of our blog posts, or tweet with the hashtags #Dragonwell or #Dragonwellbooks

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In continuation of our January giveaways we are pleased to offer you THE CHOCOLATIER’S JOURNAL by Cindy Lynn Speer, free for Kindle until Friday at the Amazon web site:

The Chocolatier's Journal

This e-book contains two short stories by Cindy Lynn Speer, “Sea Witch” and “Tasmin and the Sprites”, featuring the main characters of her critically acclaimed novel “The Chocolatier’s Wife”, as well as some magic spells and chocolate recipes from William’s and Tasmin’s secrect journal. It offers a great chance to the readers to become familiar with Cindy’s work. For the fans of “The Chocolatier’s Wife”, this exclusive volume reveals the two mysteries that were never resolved in the novel: why did William abandon his promising career as a sea captain; and how did Tasmin acquire her magical following of invisible and mischievous wind sprites.

Download a copy today at:


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THE CHOCOLATIER’S WIFE #3 bestseller in fantasy!

Thanks to your support, today’s Amazon sales ranks for Cindy Lynn Speer’s THE CHOCOLATIER’S WIFE:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #420 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

The sale will continue for another 3 days. Buy your own copy for a great holiday reading at:



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Dragonwell Publishing Special: THE CHOCOLATIER’S WIFE

For the next five days, order a copy of THE CHOCOLATIER’S WIFE by Cindy Lynn Speer at 99 cents, 80% off the cover price! This book makes a great holiday reading! And while you are at it, also stop by to get a copy of THE CHOCOLATIER’S JOURNAL for a complete set of stories about William and Tasmin. That’s less than 2 dollars for a great collection from a very talented author.


Also on special: THE GODDESS OF DANCE, only $2.99 for Kindle for the next 2 days! And, of course, ONCE UPON A CURSE, now available from Amazon and other major retailers.

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Free giveaway of THE CHOCOLATIER’S JOURNAL and Dragonwell Publishing holiday specials

Introducing THE CHOCOLATIER’S JOURNAL by Cindy Lynn Speer, a short prequel to THE CHOCOLATIER’S WIFE, at a special introductory price of 99 cents!

Microsoft Word - The Chocolatier's Journal-ebook.doc

This book contains two short stories from William and Tasmin’s life before they ever met each other. SEA WITCH is a haunting story about a life-changing event in William’s life when he made a decision to stop sailing after encountering the feared Queen of the Sea. TASMIN AND THE SPRITES shows how Tasmin acquired her invisible and highly energetic escort of a tribe of invisible and mischievous Wind Sprites. The book also contains some chocolate recipes from William’s personal notes and some spells recorded by Tasmin during her studies as a Herb Mistress.

As a special holiday deal, you can get an e-copy of THE CHOCOLATIER’S JOURNAL absolutely FREE if you do one of the following things:

1. Purchase any Dragonwell Publishing title in any venue and e-mail us a purchase receipt

2. Post a review for any Dragonwell Publishing title in any on-line venue (including your own blog, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and others) and e-mail us a link

3. Share the information on any Dragonwell Publishing title or event in social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and e-mail us a link

4. Sign up to follow our blog or receive our newsletter

Please send these e-mails to our main address, dragonwellpublishing(at)gmail(dot)com and indicate your preferred e-book format (EPUB or MOBI)

Or, simply purchase a copy of THE CHOCOLATIER’S JOURNAL on Amazon.com or Barnes&Noble.com


THE GODDESS OF DANCE by Anna Kashina is available for a limited time at a special Holiday price, $2.99, 55% off the regular price. Its current Amazon sales rank is #57 bestselling in fantasy.

9780983832027-Perfect-L-2:Layout 1.qxd

Download a copy on Amazon at:



ONCE UPON A CURSE, the anthology of stories and fairy tales for adult readers is available for pre-order from all the major retailers. But a copy today, and sign up to follow our blog for updates and posts by the anthology authors.

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Adding Chocolate into the Mix — by Cindy Lynn Speer

Adding Chocolate into the Mix

One of my challenges this summer was to write some recipes for a free giveaway book.  I actually wrote some short stories to go with it because in the end, grabbing a couple of things out of the letters that start each chapter of The Chocolatier’s Wife was easier. (It’ll be available soon…keep your eyes peeled.  It’s a fun little book…and, as I mentioned, free!) So, I wrote the short stories first.  I chose two of my favorite past moments from the book, and  wrote away.  The first was an adventure that may lead into a sequel to the book.  I always loved how William, when asked for a brass button for a protection ritual gives her pretty much every button he owns, and since what he wears is based off of 1800’s British Navy, there are a lot of buttons.

The second story is about how Tasmin found her little wind sprite family, and how they decided that they would stay right with her, thank you very much.

Then I worked on the spells.  The spells were easy, too.  I use actual flower/stone/herb lore in my books.  My favorite resources are George F. Kunz’s Curious Lore of Precious Stones, (You can read it, here:  http://archive.org/details/curiousloreofpre028009mbp) Maud Grieve’s A Modern Herbal  (which can be found online here: http://www.botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/mgmh.html)  and Miss Carruther’s Flower Lore — which, actually, isn’t my favorite, but I’m showing it to you because it’s so darn pretty: http://archive.org/details/cu31924074094412

Why do I use actual lore instead of making it all up?  After all, Berengia, the Pandroth Empire, Aversin Shore…none of these places exist in our world.  Am I being lazy, not making it all up? No, not at all.  If you make up something – let’s say you invent a new flower.  Let’s call it Anilom.  It’s a new word, and your mind will want context.  Now, you have to describe the flower, you have to give it more page space that perhaps it needs for the story…you’ve made it important.  But if I say rose petals, you already know.  You mind fills in the image for me, and if I want to make it more important, I can.  One of the rules for good writing, I believe, is that you should be careful to give the items and people in your story “screen time” in perfect proportion to their importance to the story itself.  There was an author I liked to read who would spend pages and pages describing a ship, and I’d be all excited and ready to see this ship in action…and the ship would disappear.  In the end, all he wanted to do was describe the ship, it really had nothing to do with anything that would add to the atmosphere or plot of the book.  It was frustrating.

And then…I had to get to it…the chocolate recipes.  It was daunting. I like to make jokes at my own expense (at potlucks I tell people that I make awesome paper plates and cans of soda pop) but honestly, I can cook.   Sometimes I even like to cook.  Before I had a full time job again, I made awesome bread.  But at the end of the day food doesn’t mean enough to me to extend real effort.  Dinner’s over, then I have to do the dishes.  So making up a recipe was scary.  Did it have to make sense?  Did it have to be something people could cook?  What if people tested it and it made them sick?

Then I started to research period recipes, thinking I could find things that were really old as a base and use elements….and then I was reminded of something that I should have realized all along.  Old time recipes are nothing like ours.  I have friends who have redacted medieval recipes…I’ve stood and nodded wisely while they explained in pain-staking detail how they managed to finally get a sauce right. Let me grab an example of a period recipe…aha.  Here is Martha Washington’s sugar cookie recipe:

To Make Sugar Cakes:

Take 3 ale quarts of fine flowre, & put to it a pound of sugar, beaten & searced; 4 youlks of eggs, strayned thorugh a fine cloth with 12 or 13 spoonfulls of good thick cream; & 5 or 6 spoonfulls of rose water; A pound & a quaeter of butter, washt in rose water & broaken in cold, in bits. knead all these ingredients well together . after, let it ly A while, covered well, to rise. then roule them out & cut them with a glass, & put them on plates (a little buttered) in an oven gently heat. all these kinde of things are best when ye sugar & flower are dryed in an oven before you use ym.

And thus I realized…that William’s recipes for his confections would actually look much the same.  They didn’t have a set of standardized measures…no carefully marked out cups or a set of spoons that were made to be the same size no matter which one you picked up.  And William would be making notes so he’d know what he did, but he wouldn’t be exact.  His handful of sugar would be the same – he wasn’t worried about others making things  off his notes.

But I’m not sure if I would make any of my recipes…after all, I didn’t test them in my own kitchen.  I just made them up and tried to make them sound sensible.


THE CHOCOLATIER’S WIFE is free for Kindle at Amazon from October 26 to October 28. Download a copy at:


And, sign up to follow our blog, to receive updates on THE CHOCOLATIER’S JOURNAL and other books from Dragonwell Publishing

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