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LEX TALIONIS by R. S. A. Garcia reviewed by Caribbean Beat Magazine


“Written with an arsenal of tension-building armaments, and wearing all the hallmarks of a science fiction thriller that’s done its worldbuilding homework, Garcia’s first novel leaves readers eagerly anticipating a sequel. Lex Talionis sings a bloody song of both forgetting and redemption, and of the price we pay for a little tenderness, when least we expect to be taxed for our freedoms.”

In addition to all the usual distribution channel, this book is now available for full distribution in all RIK Bookstores in Trinidad.

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Upcoming from Dragonwell: SORROW by John Lawson

Upcoming on September 30, 2014

From John Lawson, the critically acclaimed author of THE LOATHLY LADY


A child of joy. A victim of Sorrow.

As a ward of the powerful Viscount and his wife, Faina whiles away her days exploring the palace and its grounds, dancing in the halls, hiding from her tutors, and spending time with the common folk she has grown to love.

And then comes Sorrow. An assassin of brutal efficiency, who weeps black tears over the corpses of the fallen, Sorrow has claimed the life of a beloved clergyman within the confines of the Viscount’s own palace, and the infamous Lord Ash has come to investigate the crime. Faina is key to both their quests.

Sorrow cares only for destruction. Lord Ash cares only for the hunt. Whoever wins, whatever the cost, Faina will pay.

Now on NetGalley: request a review copy today.

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ONCE UPON A CURSE: 2 weeks on the Amazon bestseller lists

Thanks to the support of our readers, ONCE UPON A CURSE anthology has stayed on multiple bestseller lists in the Amazon Kindle store for over 2 weeks. To celebrate this landmark, we are offering it at a 15% discount in the Kindle store. And yes, as a special bonus, anyone who submits a review during the next 2 weeks will receive a gift certificate to the Dragonwell Publishing store. More than that, for every 10 reviewers we will raffle a $10 gift certificate to Amazon.com.

To participate, submit your review to any of the major retail site(s) which have this book on sale and e-mail us a link. We will send you $1 for each link–multiple reviews welcome!

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