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THE CHOCOLATIER’S WIFE: Illustrated edition

For the fans of chocolate, mystery, fantasy, romance, and Cindy Lynn Speer’s delicious writing, we are about to release a collectible illustrated hardcover, containing her bestselling “The Chocolatier’s Wife”, along with the full text of “The Chocolatier’s Journal”.

Each chapter contains an illustration selected by the author herself to bring out the essence of her work. Learn how Tasmin met her sprites, and what William was like as a fearless sea captain in this enchanting anniversary edition.

This book is now available for pre-order and will be released on April 28:

And, for more exciting news, William and Tasmin’s adventures are about to continue in a sequel, in preparation for a release in summer 2017! Follow our blog for more information.


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THE CHOCOLATIER’S WIFE by Cindy Lynn Speer an Amazon bestseller (and other news)


As of today, this charming romantic fantasy mystery has the following ranks on Amazon:


And there is more! In conjunction with this sale we are holding a limited time sale of Cindy Lynn Speer’s WISHES AND SORROWS, a magical collection of stories and tales masterfully crafted by this bestselling author.


For every wish there is a sorrow…

Wishes are born from sorrows, blessings are sometimes curses, and even fairy godmothers cannot always get what they want. In this original collection, Cindy Lynn Speer, the author of “The Chocolatier’s Wife”, brings to life creatures of myths and tales, mixing them into a vibrant tapestry of stories, happy and sad, magical and real, each lovingly crafted and sure to touch the reader’s soul.

Step into the world where magic is real, and every mundane bit of reality is as magical as a true fairy tale.

But… there is even more! Today, Anna Kashina’s award-winning fantasy MISTRESS OF THE SOLSTICE is on special sale for 99 cents. Download your own copy before the sale ends!

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Silver Medalist, Independent Publishers Book Award (Fantasy)

“Mixing the best elements of folklore…with modern fantasy” — Publishers Weekly

“A superior fantasy novel with a strong flavor of romance and myth.” — ForeWord Reviews


As the head priestess of the ancient Solstice cult, Marya must sacrifice a virgin every year. She copes with this gruesome duty by assuming a mask of cold detachment, as her father—the evil tzar Kashchey—devours the maidens’ souls to maintain his youth and power. It is his power alone that keeps Marya’s kingdom safe from all enemies—or so she was raised to believe.

When Ivan arrives on a quest to stop the virgin sacrifices, Marya throws all her magic against him. To maintain her life—and that of her father—she must destroy Ivan before he completes his quest. But can she find it in her heart to do so?

Baba Yaga, Leshy, Vodyanoi, and the ancient animal deities come alive in this beautifully crafted romantic story that will take you into the authentic world of Russian fairy tales—with a dark, sensual twist.





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In continuation of our January giveaways we are pleased to offer you THE CHOCOLATIER’S JOURNAL by Cindy Lynn Speer, free for Kindle until Friday at the Amazon web site:

The Chocolatier's Journal

This e-book contains two short stories by Cindy Lynn Speer, “Sea Witch” and “Tasmin and the Sprites”, featuring the main characters of her critically acclaimed novel “The Chocolatier’s Wife”, as well as some magic spells and chocolate recipes from William’s and Tasmin’s secrect journal. It offers a great chance to the readers to become familiar with Cindy’s work. For the fans of “The Chocolatier’s Wife”, this exclusive volume reveals the two mysteries that were never resolved in the novel: why did William abandon his promising career as a sea captain; and how did Tasmin acquire her magical following of invisible and mischievous wind sprites.

Download a copy today at:


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THE CHOCOLATIER’S WIFE featured at Small Press Bookwatch

We just received great news that Cindy Lynn Speer’s THE CHOCOLATIER’S WIFE will be featured  in the November issue of Small Press Bookwatch, published by the Midwest Book Review. The review characterizes this book as “a riveting spin of drama and historical romance, enticing and very highly recommended reading”.

THE CHOCOLATIER’S WIFE is on special at Amazon and can be downloaded for Kindle for $3.95.

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New review of THE CHOCOLATIER’S WIFE by Cindy Lynn Speer

‘The Chocolatier’s Wife’ by Cindy Lynn Speer is a tale of mystery, adventure and romance.

Kelly Jensen at SF Crowsnest writes:

“Cindy Lynn Speer has captured many voices in her novel and set them in a well-crafted world. The book works as both a mystery and romance, with the developments in both moving at a good and believable pace. There is a lot of humour in the story as well. I laughed out loud several times. I also cheered each success and booed each failure. In other words, I became quite involved. ‘The Chocolatier’s Wife’ is an enjoyable read and I would be interested in further adventures of William and Tasmin.”

Read the full review at http://sfcrowsnest.org.uk/the-chocolatiers-wife-by-cindy-lynn-speer/

And, don’t forget to visit our store to check out this book and to pre-order a copy of Anna Kashina’s THE GODDESS OF DANCE, upcoming on September 30.

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Contest and Giveaway: THE CHOCOLATIER’S WIFE by Cindy Lynn Speer

Enter before August 1 to win your own print copy of The Chocolatier’s Wife by Cindy Lynn Speer, by doing one or more of the following:

1. Leave a comment to this post

2. Sign up to follow this blog and/or to receive our newsletter

3. Help us spread the word by blogging about this giveaway and posting information about it on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites

4. Ask your local bookstore to order a copy

5. Find and visit Cindy Lynn Speer’s blog posts during her book release blog tour and leave comments

6. Post reviews of The Chocolatier’s Wife on Amazon, Goodreads, and other sites

7. E-mail us at dragonwellpublishing(at)gmail(dot)com to leave us an easy way to contact you and send you a winner’s copy

Doing more things on this list will gain you more entry points.



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Introducing Cindy Lynn Speer, the author of THE CHOCOLATIER’S WIFE

Introductions are hard…sometimes because I wear so many hats.

One of the things I do when I’m not writing is that I fight rapier. I try and study and apply historical techniques and skill in such a way as to gently kill my friends. I do this through the Society for Creative Anachronism, which is a worldwide medieval re-enactment society. Part of the idea is to try and re-create, or at least understand, what life would be like for someone in a particular culture back then, which means that you have to have another name. If you don’t you might end up with anything. Like if you said “Just Cindy” you might end up being called Cynthia the Just. Silliness is universal, after all. Mine is Gabrielle Winter, or Gabby de Winter, in case you are curious. So, you have a morning where you’re at work being Cindy Speer, amazing and illustrious super hero (read: secretary) for a university department. But you are writing emails to do with taking a bunch of the college’s students to a medieval re-enactment, where people know you as Gabby.

And then you go to a secretary’s meeting, where you introduce yourself as…yep. Gabby. And then you have to explain the whole thing quickly in a venue where people aren’t willing to cut you slack because you are also Cindy Lynn Speer, fantasy and mystery author, and so people expect a little quirkiness from you.

Thus, that’s me. Misusing thus, probably, because I didn’t want to start a sentence with the words “And so.” My book, which is much more grammatically correct because it’s been through the editing process three times might be familiar to some of you. It is a second edition of The Chocolatier’s Wife, with a spiffy new cover. It’s about Tasmin Bey (who, unlike me, would probably much rather have a blunt object with which to defend herself than a pointy one) and William of Almsley (who is perfectly comfortable with swords) who have known all their lives that they would someday marry. In the kingdom where they live, everyone is tested by a spell, which mates them to someone else. William wrote his intended letters (which is unusual) and they got to know each other over the years…lucky, too, because when William is accused of murder she is willing to risk everything she could have in order to go and sort things out.

Sometimes I can pin point the “Aha!” moment when the story is born, and this is one of them. I was walking around the house, thinking of an obscure British Actor that I’d enjoyed watching, and wondering what I’d like to see him in. My boss had bought me this really awesome tower of chocolate (it was around the Holidays) so I opened the top box. Inside was these little chocolate squares dusted with cocoa powder. I tasted one and I was like, “Oh.” I knew the title of the book, I knew the first line. By the time I got back upstairs and in front of my computer, the words were clamoring to come out. I kept writing until I was called to dinner, then I went back to writing.

About then there was a First Chapters novel contest through the Gather community, where…I think it was Barnes and Noble? Would publish the book that the community voted on. But you had to have your book done by a certain date. So I wrote, and second, then third, drafted, a book in something like 8 weeks. I wrote every spare moment, because I believed in the story. I knew it was special, that it was doubtless the best thing I’d ever written.

Well, I didn’t win the contest (obviously) but the comments I got, the interest, was amazing.

A second publisher and many years later, here we are. People ask me, once in awhile, if there will be a sequel. I have some other books in the world planned, because the mating spell in itself asks those nice what if questions story tellers love. (What if your intended dies? What if someone tries to go against the spell?) so I know you will hear more from those quarters. I would also like the explore the evil Pandroth Empire. I think about a direct sequel to The Chocolatier’s Wife (I even have it tentatively called The Chocolatier’s Mistress…don’t worry, I don’t mean that William will cheat on his beloved wife…but that the mistress is the sea) because I want to answer a question I was not really able to answer in the first book…what happened to make William so afraid of the sea? And what happens if he is forced to return to it?

Thank you for reading. If you would like to ask me any questions, feel free to below, or check out my webpage. www.apenandfire.com.


THE CHOCOLATIER’S WIFE is being released tomorrow by Dragonwell Publishing. Sign up to follow our blog and check back for updates and to enter our monthly giveaway to win a brand new copy of Cindy’s amazing book.

And, while you are at it, check back on our main site to find the answer to our trivia question of the week:


Reply to this post with an answer to become an early entrant into our giveaway.


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