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THE GODDESS OF DANCE by Anna Kashina wins the ForeWord Book of the Year Award silver medal in the fantasy category!

Congratulations to Anna! Check the ForeWord award page at:


To order a copy, visit our bookstore, or buy one at any of the major book retailers.

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Today and tomorrow only: download a free copy for Kindle on the Amazon web site:

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THE PRINCESS OF DHAGABAD reviewed by Portland Book Review

Happy New Year, everyone, and great wishes to you in 2013!

Over the holidays, a great review of Anna Kashina’s THE PRINCESS OF DHAGABAD has been posted by Portland Book Review.

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“The Princess of Dhagabad is a beautifully written novel by author Anna Kashina. She creates a world of the Middle East that is sensual, subtle and vibrant. The characters of the Princess and Hasan are layered and subtle – both show an innate curiosity about the world but with realism that their wants are overridden by political and cultural requirements. The larger cultural setting has a significant place in the story and can be considered a character of its own in the book. This novel is a delight to read and Ms. Kashina is a truly gifted storyteller.” Reviewed By Barbara Cothern

Read the full review at the following link:


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A love story between a young, inexperienced girl and a powerful man is a theme that rarely fails, witnessed by the recent success of Fifty Shades of Gray and the Twilight series. For fairy tale fans, Anna Kashina has transformed this theme into an Arabian setting, bringing in a beautifully crafted love story between a young princess and her slave, an immortal and powerful djinn, set in a city resembling the ancient Baghdad of the Arabian Nights.

THE PRINCESS OF DHAGABAD and THE GODDESS OF DANCE by Anna Kashina, the two stand-alone novels in her Spirits of the Ancient Sands series, bring together power and innocence, youth and wisdom, pain and revelation, in a tale that Booklist called “Truly compelling”, Publishers Weekly characterized as “Evocative” and RT Book Reviews referred to as “Enthralling”. And now, with THE GODDESS OF DANCE giveaway, you can buy both books at Amazon for only $5.95!

Check them out at Amazon to download a free copy of THE GODDESS OF DANCE for Kindle today and tomorrow at: http://www.amazon.com/Goddess-Dance-Spirits-Ancient-ebook/dp/B009UF14KQ/ref=sr_1_3?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1353168901&sr=1-3&keywords=anna+kashina

Buy a copy of THE PRINCESS OF DHAGABAD at: http://www.amazon.com/Princess-Dhagabad-Spirits-Ancient-ebook/dp/B007GQ2L6C/ref=pd_sim_kstore_1

And for a full set of this year’s Dragonwell releases so far, check out THE CHOCOLATIER’S WIFE by Cindy Lynn Speer, a charming fantasy mystery with elements of romance, now on special for a limited time at: http://www.amazon.com/The-Chocolatiers-Wife-ebook/dp/B008KPDM0M/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1353182927&sr=1-1&keywords=the+chocolatier%27s+wife

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THE GODDESS OF DANCE now available at your local Barnes&Noble bookstore!

THE GODDESS OF DANCE has been accepted into Barnes and Noble bookstore distribution. Visit your local bookstore to get your own copy. Don’t see it on the shelves? Talk to the sales personnel to order one.

Publishers Weekly has called the language in this book “Evocative” and RT Book Reviews characterized its cultural aspects as “Enthralling”. Multiple readers and reviewers have been fascinated by this enchanting romantic fantasy set in the exotic world of the Arabian Nights that explores an entirely original concept of the origin of the djinns.

Sign up to follow this blog for updates. And, visit the author’s blog (http://www.annakashina.com) to sign up for her upcoming series of posts with exotic and delicious Dhagabad recipes.

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Countdown to publication: 84% off for a limited time

3 days to go until the release of the GODDESS OF DANCE by Anna Kashina, a romantic Arabian fantasy about the djinns.

To celebrate the release, we are running a promotional sale of its prequel, THE PRINCESS OF DHAGABAD at 84% off the cover price — for a limited time only!

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New review of THE GODDESS OF DANCE by Anna Kashina

Goddess of the Dance by Anna Kashina (book review).

Kelly Jensen at SF Crowsnest writes:
“I was drawn quickly into Anna Kashina’s world. I could easily imagine the sights, sounds and scents of Dhagabad. The characters from the first novel continue to grow and the deepening love between Gul’Agdar and Hasan unfolds as sweetly as in the first novel. The continuing swirl of politics and intrigue is cleverly plotted. The meddling wizards, the long awaited for son for the sultan and the shifts of power all drive the plot forward, giving the princess’ adventure more substance. There are no glimpses into Hasan’s thoughts this novel, but the lack is more than made up for by the story of Thea as it unfolds in Gul’Agdar’s dreams.

Goddess of the Dance is another wonderful novel. I am eager to continue reading the adventures of the princess and Hasan.”

Read the full review at http://sfcrowsnest.org.uk/goddess-of-the-dance-by-anna-kashina-book-review/

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