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Anna Kashina’s BLADES OF THE OLD EMPIRE on sale today for $1.99

Act now to get your very own copy of the first installment in the award-winning Majat Code series, action-packed from the very first page with swordplay, intrigue, and romance:


And, while you are at it, check out Anna Kashina’s other books, including some of her award-winning Dragonwell titles, at this link:


as well as other books by Dragonwell authors:




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BLADES OF THE OLD EMPIRE by Anna Kashina: today’s Kindle Daily Deal at $1.99

Today only! Download Anna Kashina’s action-packed fantasy adventure, featuring a group of elite assassins fighting for the throne.

Anna Kashina is an award-winning author of Mistress of the Solstice and The Goddess of Dance. Her new novel, “Blades of the Old Empire” has been released earlier this year by Angry Robot Books, UK, to be followed by its sequel, “The Guild of Assassins” in early August. Check these deals out in the Kindle store to find out what everyone is raving about:

 BladesOfTheOldEmpire-300dpi BLADES OF THE OLD EMPIRE, Book 1 of the Majat Code, $1.99 until the end of today

Also available:

Guild THE GUILD OF ASSASSINS, Book 2 of the Majat Code

Majat Testing THE MAJAT TESTING, a short story of the Majat Code

Adobe Photoshop PDF MISTRESS OF THE SOLSTICE, a dark romantic fantasy based on Russian myth



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MISTRESS OF THE SOLSTICE by Anna Kashina a silver medalist in 2014 Independent Publisher Book Awards

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Partial results were announced last night, and we were all thrilled to find Anna Kashina’s “Mistress of the Solstice” among the winners. For the current list of winners see: http://www.independentpublisher.com/article.php?page=1791&urltitle=2014%20Independent%20Publisher%20Book%20Awards%20Results

“Mistress of the Solsice” has received high praise from many venues, including Publishers Weekly and ForeWord Reviews, which characterized her book as “a superior fantasy novel with a strong flavor of romance and myth”. This dark romantic fantasy based on Russian folklore is centered about the gruesome Solstice rites that were practiced in Russia before Christianity and brings to life many creatures of the Slavic myths.

This year, Anna is celebrating the release of two installments in her action-packed Majat Code series from Angry Robot Books, UK. Book 1, “Blades of the Old Empire” came out in February, and book 2, “The Guild of Assassins” will come out in August.

Congratulations to Anna!


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BLADES OF THE OLD EMPIRE by Anna Kashina: cover reveal

To celebrate Anna Kashina’s upcoming “Majat Code” series, we are cross-posting her thoughts on the recent cover reveal event of book I in the series, “Blades of the Old Empire”, an epic fantasy upcoming on February 25, 2014 from Angry Robot Books.


Here is what Anna says about this event:


It is a very special moment for an author to see the cover of her own book. The thrill of it is hard to describe–especially if everything is done right.

My publisher has been wonderful about involving me in the process of cover creation. They asked for ideas and detailed descriptions, then showed me several versions until we all found one we were happy with. In many ways, when my cover was finalized I knew what to expect. But I still had this “wow” moment when I finally saw it finished and fully designed: my  character, Kara, coming to life, walking toward me with a no-nonsense look and an array of weapons at the ready.

While I like the covers of my other books, this one immediately stood out for me in how much movement it has, how much action it promises. “Blades of the Old Empire” is different from my other books in exactly these aspects: movement and action. It is much more fast-paced. And of course, it features the deadly Majat Warriors, who take swordplay and weaponry to the level of an art form.

I can’t wait to hold the book with this cover when it comes out in the US on February 25, 2014!


To see the original cover reveal post at The Founding Fields, follow this link:


To check out Anna Kashina’s blog and her books, follow this link:


To pre-order “Blades of the Old Empire” at Amazon, follow this link:



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