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‘Once Upon a Curse’ now only .99 cents for a limited time!

Once Upon a Curse (Myth and Magic, Book 1)

Only for a limited time – get a copy for your Kindle or Nook copy NOW! The deal is also available in Kobo, iBookstore, and other online retailers.

“Gorgeous, haunting, and a wonder to read” – San Francisco Book Review

“An appealing way to rediscover the classic tales” – Publishers Weekly

“A beautiful addition to the adventurous fairy tale fan’s shelf” – Portland Book Review


Fair maidens, handsome princes, witches, and fairy godmothers all show their dark and dangerous side in this anthology inspired by myths and fairy tales, retold by some of the best authors in this generation and by some upcoming new talents. Told with a dark twist, focused on the lure of the gorgeous evil, this collection will take the readers on a wild ride through magical realms of Ancient Greece, old Russia, medieval Europe, and modern day America.

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ONCE UPON A CURSE in the Amazon’s top 100 bestsellers

Thanks to your great support this weekend, Once Upon a Curse had the following Amazon rank on Saturday:

We have enjoyed unprecedented turnout during the pre-Solstice sale, with more than a thousand download per day. And even now this book  is steadily holding its triple-digit sales ranks and is a top seller in several categories.

We hope you enjoy the book. And, of course, it is never too late to pick up a copy of this wonderful anthology of dark romantic fairy tales, containing two stories by the recent Nebula Award winner Nancy Kress, the fantasy legend Peter Beagle, and other very talented famous and upcoming authors. Buy a copy on Amazon:

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or at Barnes and Noble:

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Post a review and e-mail us the link at dragonwellpublishing(at)gmail(dot)com for a chance to win a paperback copy of one of the Dragonwell Publishing titles or a $5 certificate to the Dragonwell Publishing bookstore.

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TALES OF LOVE AND MAGIC include 10 great fantasies with elements of romance, discounted to 99 cents for the next 3 days. These titles include 3 favorites from Dragonwell Publishing, THE PRINCESS OF DHAGABAD, THE CHOCOLATIER’S WIFE, and ONCE UPON A CURSE. These, and the other titles on the list would make a great Valentine gift.

Check out the list at the Amazon web site:


Or go to the official web site for the promotion to see the full list of venues where the participating books are on sale for the next 3 days:


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ONCE UPON A CURSE Author Imogen Howson: Frayed Tapestry

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Imogen Howson’s Frayed Tapestry is a spellbinding urban fantasy novella based on the ancient Greek myth about Hades and Persephone. Here is what Imogen says about the story and the anthology:


When I wrote Frayed Tapestry, in 2007, I was kind of trying to find my way with writing.  I’d recently finished writing an 130,000-word epic-ish fantasy novel, I’d had no success finding an agent or publisher for it, and I was feeling really daunted about embarking on another long project with no guarantee of publication at the end of it.

So I’d taken a break and had written a few shorter stories.  A novella had been accepted by a very new, very small (and, as it turned out, very badly funded because it had to close fairly soon afterwards) epublisher, and a young adult science fiction story had been published by another very new, very small epublisher.

I was keen to build on my small success.  But having so far gone from epic-ish romantic fantasy, to not-so-epic-ish young-adult-ish romantic fantasy, to young adult science fiction romance, I wasn’t really sure what my niche was, or who my audience might be, or where to go from here.

Also, although I was happy to be epublished (seriously—five years later my daughters still remember how I jumped up and down and screamed when I was offered my first contract, and at least two subsequent contracts made me cry), I’d always wanted to see my work in print, and writing short stories and novellas wasn’t a great way to get there.  So I was hoping to write enough of the same kind of short stories to have them collected for a print edition.

As it turned out, Frayed Tapestry wasn’t really the same kind of story as any of the others at all. It’s more “new adult” than young adult, although in 2007 that categorization didn’t exist, it’s not romance, and it’s a very different sort of fantasy from the other books I’d had published.  But the idea came to me and by then it was too late to not write it.

I actually love the story—possibly more than the other two stories I had published around the same time—and I adored the cover that the publisher designed for it.  But I was pretty sure it was never going to see print.

Especially when that publisher, too, closed, and Frayed Tapestry returned to sit in a folder on my computer.

I’ve moved on since 2007.  I have seen my work in print—a full-length novel from a digital-first publisher came out early this year, and another book is releasing from a New York publisher June 2013.  The publishing industry has moved on too.  With a lot of successful digital-first publishers, digital-only imprints at many of the big publishers, and significant success for self-published books, print is no longer quite the holy grail I used to feel it to be.  After all, the first thing I do now when I hear about a book I want to read is download the sample to my Kindle!

But there’s still something about your words turning into an actual object, something that can be held and passed round the family and placed on a shelf.  And book covers look a whole lot nicer in physical form than they do on my black-and-white-only Kindle screen.

So, when Dragonwell Publishing chose to include Frayed Tapestry in an ebook and print anthology, it was the fulfillment of a dream.

My author copy arrived the other day.  Photographic proof below!

2012-12-20 10.00.38-1

Isn’t that a gorgeous cover?  It has a really nice feel, too, sort of velvety, as if it’s taken on the texture of the girl’s dress.  (I would like to point out that when I took the photo, my smartphone automatically focused on the girl’s face.  Quite possibly in preparation to use face recognition software on her and fit her to a contact (who?) in my address book.  Sometimes, I feel, my smartphone is a little too smart.)

So, five years after I wrote it, Frayed Tapestry appears in print. As it did the first time it was published, it sits slightly oddly between my last print release, another fantasy romance, and my next, a—yes, another—young adult science fiction.  But I still love the story, and it’s wonderful to see it not only in print but in the company of some pretty great stories.  If you buy it, I hope you enjoy them all!


Imogen lives near Sherwood Forest in England, with her partner and their two teenage daughters. Imogen has published several novels and short stories. In the virtual world, she can be found at her website www.imogenhowson.com, blog imogenhowson.com/blog, Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/imogenhowsonauthor, and Twitter twitter.com/imogenhowson. She loves to hear from readers and can be contacted at imogenhowson@gmail.com.



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ONCE UPON A CURSE Goodreads giveaway

For the next five days, enter to win a paperback copy of “Once Upon a Curse” anthology, featuring the dark and gorgeous fairy tales by an amazing set of bestselling authors and rising stars.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Once Upon a Curse by Anna Kashina

Once Upon a Curse

by Anna Kashina

Giveaway ends December 23, 2012.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win


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Introducing Lucy Snyder, the author of THE COLD BLACKNESS BETWEEN

I was an avid reader long before I was a writer, and my love of reading partly came from growing up in a house full of books. But more important, I learned to love stories because my parents read to me at bedtime when I was too young to read on my own.

And some of my favorite bedtime stories were fairy tales. I adored stories by the Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault. I didn’t much care for most of Hans Christian Andersen, because more often than not his tales gave me nightmares (I know this is deeply ironic, considering the dark streak that runs through my own fiction. What can I say? I still get nightmares, and the darn things have plots!)

When I was a few years older and reading on my own, I became fascinated with myths and legends. When my parents bought copies of Edith Hamilton’s Mythology and Katherine Briggs’ An Encyclopedia of Fairies, I nearly wore the covers off the books. So many fascinating tales of gods and monsters, fairies and giants — I was hooked for life.

I still have that copy of Katherine Briggs’ encyclopedia, and I keep it and my other mythology books near my writing desk. Should I ever find myself stuck for an idea, I know I’ll find something in their pages to spark my imagination.

Most of my fiction has been informed by my early days hearing and reading fairy tales. My story in Once Upon A Curse is entitled “The Cold Blackness Between”. It’s about modern-day witches and necromancers. But within it, you can find echoes of tales such as “Briar Rose”, “Bluebeard”, and the German legend of Faust.


Lucy Snyder is the Bram Stoker Award Winner and an internationally published author of fantasy and horror. Her story THE COLD BLACKNESS BETWEEN will appear in ONCE UPON A CURSE anthology, upcoming on December 21.

Enter our ongoing raffle by clicking on the link below to win a pre-publication copy of the anthology, or order one in Dragonwell Publishing bookstore for early holiday delivery.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Pre-publication reviews and giveaway of ONCE UPON A CURSE anthology


Step into the world of myth and magic, where fair maidens, handsome princes, and fairy godmothers are not what they seem and everyone shows their dark and dangerous side. ONCE UPON A CURSE anthology, edited by Anna Kashina, offers a great collection of stories, including those from such legendary authors as Peter Beagle, and those from the rising stars in fantasy fiction. From ancient Greece, to modern day America, this collection offers a variety of tales for fairy tale fantasy fans.

In advance of its publication on Winter Solstice (December 21), this anthology has received a number of great reviews. Those that have already been posted are listed below. More are upcoming from different venues.

Publishers Weekly


Portland Book Review

A step sideways

And, as an early bonus, we are raffling a prepublication copy at the following link:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sign up to follow our blog for more news about the anthology, upcoming posts from the anthology authors, and more giveaways from Dragonwell Publishing for the upcoming holiday season.

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