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New release: SORROW by John Lawson


A child of joy. A victim of Sorrow.

As a ward of the powerful Viscount and his wife, Faina whiles away her days exploring the palace and its grounds, dancing in the halls, hiding from her tutors, and spending time with the common folk she has grown to love.

And then comes Sorrow. An assassin of brutal efficiency, who weeps black tears over the corpses of the fallen, Sorrow has claimed the life of a beloved clergyman within the confines of the Viscount’s own palace, and the infamous Lord Ash has come to investigate the crime. Faina is key to both their quests.

Sorrow cares only for destruction. Lord Ash cares only for the hunt. Whoever wins, whatever the cost, Faina will pay.


“Sorrow’s backdrop is a rich, complex other world that contains more than its fair share of magic, mythical creatures and monsters.”

— (featured review)


“The author has created a very real, dark fantasy world and I was able to picture the setting vividly in my mind. The descriptions, mood, and dialogue all help bring Lawson’s detailed world to life. The characters are deftly drawn and come across as genuine people. The prose sparkles with beautifully crafted language. So I would say that this author’s strength lies in characterization and his skill in creating his imaginative, dark world.”

— The Dark Phantom Review


“A very satisfying murder mystery that is also a sort of coming-of-age story set in a detailed dark fantasy world”

— Things Mean a Lot


“This story, a fully fleshed and tightly plotted thriller dances between the questions of church, faith, magic, human relationships and darker desires. Just like any good ‘detective’ novel, just when you think you know who the killer is, the plot twists and you are presented with another possibility. The back stories of the lead characters are intriguing enough to pique your interest, allowing these folks to mingle and interact in a most realistic way. The writing is superb, enhancing the story, adding dialect and distinct flavour to characters voices.”

— SF Crowsnest


“This was a book that I truly didn’t want to end. I could listen to tales of Faina for days…that’s the same way that I thought of Esmeree of Witch Ember. He writes such wonderful characters and comes up with some of the most amazing story lines. An assassin that cries black tears wrapped in gray gauze?! I mean come on! It’s like a book that was written just for me!”

—Stuff as Dreams are Made On


From John Lawson, the author of THE LOATHLY LADY comes this moving, thrilling, bittersweet story set in a magical, eerily realistic other world.

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Upcoming from Dragonwell Publishing: LEX TALIONIS by R. S. A. Garcia


Vengeance is only the beginning…

On one of Earth’s planetary outposts, a young woman dies–and is brought back to life by a mysterious alien.

Inside a military starship, a wounded soldier is stalked by an unseen enemy.

When Lex reawakens in a clinic, she doesn’t remember who she is, or who killed her. All she remembers is a phrase she does not understand. Lex Talionis. The law of revenge. Stripped of her past, Lex focuses on the only thing she can. Retribution. She will find the people who murdered her and she will make them pay.

What Lex doesn’t know is that she’s being hunted. The alien who saved her and the soldier fighting for survival are the keys to her past…and her future. She must discover what they know before the hunter finds her. Every clue brings her closer to powerful enemies. Everything she learns draws her nearer to the person who almost destroyed her.

The only man she has ever loved.


“Lex Talionis” will be released worldwide on May 30. 2014. Review copies are available upon request and will be upcoming soon on NetGalley and at Library Thing Early Reviewers program.


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THE LOATHLY LADY by John Lawson: available now

“A surprising twist on the familiar folk tales and Arthuriana”—Publishers Weekly

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Buy your own copy today at the Dragonwell Publishing bookstore or major on-line retailers

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On sale today: THE GARDEN AT THE ROOF OF THE WORLD by W. B. J. Williams

It’s finally here: an enchanting historical fantasy about Maid Gwenaella’s epic quest across medieval Europe and Asia into the heart of Tibet, where she will find the sacred Garden of Eden and save the eldest of the unicorns.



Buy your own copy today at one of the following links:

TODAY ONLY: e-mail us a poof of purchase at dragonwellpublishing(at)gmail(dot)com to receive a $5.00 gift certificate to the Dragonwell Publishing bookstore. PLUS, this purchase would qualify you for a drawing of a $10 Amazon gift certificate, raffled for each 20 entries.

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THE GARDEN AT THE ROOF OF THE WORLD pre-publication event

Author W. B. J. Williams will make an appearance today at Annie’s Book Stop in Sharon, MA, for a special reading and book signing of pre-publication copies of “The Garden at the Roof of the World”, upcoming on August 30.


This historical romantic adventure has been a 2009 semifinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Context, selected into the top 50 out of the 5000 entries in the fiction category.

W. B. J. Williams holds advance degrees in anthropology and archeology and is a scholar of history, religion, and myth. Stop by today to meet him in Sharon, MA, or pre-order a copy of his book on-line at

TODAY only: the first 10 orders will received copies signed by the author! (please indicate your preference in the comments section when placing the order).

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Dragonwell author Nancy Kress wins a Nebula Award

Congratulations to Nancy!!!

For the full coverage of the awards visit:

Two of Nancy’s stories with a fairy tale theme appear in our recent anthology ONCE UPON A CURSE. Step into the world of myth and magic to immerse in these great tales with a dark twist from some of the best fantasy authors:

Adobe Photoshop PDF

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Dragonwell Publishing fall publication list announced

Our fall publication list has been announced:

THE GARDEN AT THE ROOF OF THE WORLD by W.B.J. Williams, a stunning fantasy debut in a rigorous 13th century setting: upcoming on August 30 2103

THE LOATHLY LADY by John Lawson, a dark epic fantasy rooted in Celtic myths and the chivalry tales of King Arthur’s court, upcoming on October 15, 2013

MISTRESS OF THE SOLSTICE by Anna Kashina, a dark romantic fantasy set in the world of Russian myth, upcoming on November 30, 2013

WISHES AND SORROWS by Cindy Lynn Speer, a collection of stories with a dark twist, upcoming on December 21, 2013

For those of you attending the Nebulas weekend: we will be giving out advance reading copies of THE GARDEN AT THE ROOF OF THE WORLD. We hope you enjoy the book, and help us spread the word.

Look out for our new releases, and sign up to follow our blog for updates.

Happy Mothers Day!


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