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Interview with Rhonda Garcia


Hi Rhonda and welcome!
I think everyone would like to know more about you and your new release, Lex Talionis, Here is the burb from the book, although I would say, having read it, that it is a tad too short. This is a multi-plot, multi-character book. There are wheels within wheels and all are beyond fascinating.Lex


A battered young woman wakes from a coma in a space port hospital with no memories of her past. The only thing she remembers are two words: Lex Talionis-the Law of Revenge. To discover her identity, she must re-live the nightmares of her past, and face the only survivor of a terrible massacre that connects her with her abductors.

Lex Talionis is a fast-paced adventure, a stunning debut from a major new talent.

Rhonda 1
And here you are. Sorry, I couldn’t resist including the spooky leaf eyes in the photo…

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Guest post by R. S. A. Garcia at Tobias Buckell’s blog

“A voice from the islands”: New York Times Bestselling author Tobias Buckell hosts a detailed post from our newest author R. S. A. Garcia, talking about herself and her book.

To see the post, follow this link:

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MISTRESS OF THE SOLSTICE wins an Independent Publishers Book Award

Anna Kashina

Last week I drove up to New York to receive my IPPY silver medal for “Mistress of the Solstice”. It was so much fun. I met a lot of authors and publishing professionals. And yes, the medal itself is very impressive and heavy. Wearing it for a day made me feel like an achiever.

Here are some pictures from the event:








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