ONCE UPON A CURSE 5-star review from San Francisco Book Review

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“Step into a world of wonder, where things are rarely as they seem and the darker sides of fairy tales are brought to light. Cinderella’s fairy godmother is not as benevolent as you have been led to believe, Sleeping Beauty’s fate is much different than previous stories have dared to tell, and Death can be much more charming and courteous than can a room full of society’s best.

Full of fascinating takes on classic stories and a few whole new tales by such authors as Peter S. Beagle, Cindy Lynn Speer, and Nancy Kress, this collection is gorgeous, haunting, and a wonder to read. Though the stories are very different, each one is beautifully written and completely enchanting. If you like your fairy tales with a hint of darkness, a splash of melancholy, and a happily ever after that is up for debate, then Once Upon A Curse is the book you have been waiting for.”

Buy the book in the Dragonwell Publishing Bookstore, Amazon, or other online retailers.

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