Free giveaway of THE CHOCOLATIER’S JOURNAL and Dragonwell Publishing holiday specials

Introducing THE CHOCOLATIER’S JOURNAL by Cindy Lynn Speer, a short prequel to THE CHOCOLATIER’S WIFE, at a special introductory price of 99 cents!

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This book contains two short stories from William and Tasmin’s life before they ever met each other. SEA WITCH is a haunting story about a life-changing event in William’s life when he made a decision to stop sailing after encountering the feared Queen of the Sea. TASMIN AND THE SPRITES shows how Tasmin acquired her invisible and highly energetic escort of a tribe of invisible and mischievous Wind Sprites. The book also contains some chocolate recipes from William’s personal notes and some spells recorded by Tasmin during her studies as a Herb Mistress.

As a special holiday deal, you can get an e-copy of THE CHOCOLATIER’S JOURNAL absolutely FREE if you do one of the following things:

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THE GODDESS OF DANCE by Anna Kashina is available for a limited time at a special Holiday price, $2.99, 55% off the regular price. Its current Amazon sales rank is #57 bestselling in fantasy.

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Download a copy on Amazon at:


ONCE UPON A CURSE, the anthology of stories and fairy tales for adult readers is available for pre-order from all the major retailers. But a copy today, and sign up to follow our blog for updates and posts by the anthology authors.

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