A love story between a young, inexperienced girl and a powerful man is a theme that rarely fails, witnessed by the recent success of Fifty Shades of Gray and the Twilight series. For fairy tale fans, Anna Kashina has transformed this theme into an Arabian setting, bringing in a beautifully crafted love story between a young princess and her slave, an immortal and powerful djinn, set in a city resembling the ancient Baghdad of the Arabian Nights.

THE PRINCESS OF DHAGABAD and THE GODDESS OF DANCE by Anna Kashina, the two stand-alone novels in her Spirits of the Ancient Sands series, bring together power and innocence, youth and wisdom, pain and revelation, in a tale that Booklist called “Truly compelling”, Publishers Weekly characterized as “Evocative” and RT Book Reviews referred to as “Enthralling”. And now, with THE GODDESS OF DANCE giveaway, you can buy both books at Amazon for only $5.95!

Check them out at Amazon to download a free copy of THE GODDESS OF DANCE for Kindle today and tomorrow at:


And for a full set of this year’s Dragonwell releases so far, check out THE CHOCOLATIER’S WIFE by Cindy Lynn Speer, a charming fantasy mystery with elements of romance, now on special for a limited time at:


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