An Arabian Nights-style fairy tale fantasy with elements of romance that will surely appeal to the readers who are young at heart and love their fairy tales with a captivating twist of action, politics, and intrigue. This is a stand-alone sequel to THE PRINCESS OF DHAGABAD, also available from Dragonwell Publishing.

The Goddess of Dance by Anna Kashina

The time to the release of THE GODDESS OF DANCE is ticking down to September 30, some advance reviews have recently appeared online.

Angela Blount characterized the book as “Substantial and vivid” and presents a great analysis of positives and negatives in the story. You can read her review at this link.

David Marshall characterizes it as an interesting take on the Arabian Nights and says that “you will love this book if you are seventeen”. His very detailed review touches in on the language and the plot elements, and while he feels that the story is more of a fairy tale than a gritty, realistic thriller he would have liked to see in this setting, he does point to the likely audience for this book among teenagers and fairy tale fans. You can read his full review at this link.

Both reviews will appear in print after the release of the book.

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